Teacher Education Timeline

Teacher Education Timeline

Semester 1

  • Create a graduation plan.You should map out when you will complete all of your coursework, as well as when you will complete all of your graduation requirements. You can do this with the help of your advisor or a James Center staff member. This could save you time and money!
    • If you have to take the Praxis Core, speak with your academic advisor or a James Center advisor and create a study plan. 

After 30 credit hours

  • Declare your major. This will mean you will get a new advisor in your discipline. 
  • Register to take EDU 2000 and EDU 2100, both of which are required for admission to Teacher Education with a grade of C or better.  
  • Attend a "First Steps to Teaching" orientation

After 45 credit hours (12 at AppState)

  • Apply to Teacher Education. You will do this on appalnet. You can find instructions here as well as the requirements you must have done in order to apply.You must be admitted before starting Block I or before the semester prior to student teaching begins. Do not wait this long! Apply as early as possible. 
    • Deadlines for Students Seeking Admission to Teacher Education
      • Candidates seeking admission to Teacher Education must submit an application by August 1st for Fall admission. Required Praxis scores,  criminal background check approvals must be received and prerequisites met prior to submission of Teacher Education application. Students enrolled in Summer II prerequisite courses must submit Teacher Education application within 3 business days of final grades being posted to be considered for Fall admission.
        • August 1 - Deadline to submit a teacher education application for any Fall Course
        • January 1 - Deadline to submit a teacher education application for any Spring Course

After admission to Teacher Education

  • You must attend a "Second Steps to Teaching" orientation. This orientation will review important information on EDtpa, student teaching, and more! 

Year before Graduation

  • Review or request your graduation check. Make sure you are on track to graduate and that all of your coursework is recorded correctly! If you keep up with your Degreeworks, there shouldn't be any surprises. 

Semester before Clinical Internship (Student Teaching)

  • You must be admitted to teacher education before this semester begins. 
  • Apply to graduate and apply for International Student Teaching (optional). 
  • Apply for Student Teaching the semester before you plan to student teach. You can find more instructions here. This application is only open for one month during the semester you must apply. 
  • After you apply for Student Teaching, attend "Third Steps to Teaching" orientation

During Clinical Internship (Student Teaching)

 Timeline to Student Teaching from Semester 1 to Graduation


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