Praxis Core Test Requirement

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Passing Scores

The passing scores on the Praxis Core are:

Test 5712 Core reading: 156 or higher

Test 5722 Core Writing: 162 or higher

Test 5732 Core Math: 150 or higher

North Carolina is currently accepting a composite score of 468 as a way to pass the Praxis Core. The composite score means that a student who might not reach the passing score in one area can make up for that gap by earning extra points in another subject area.

Caution: It is possible that North Carolina will change the policy to eliminate the composite score, but for now, they will accept the composite score.

Below is how the tests are listed on the ETS site and the relevant test code(s). 

Chart of tests required by licensure area. For screen-reader compatible version see

How to sign up for the Praxis CORE test

Students should visit the ETS website to sign up and then select the nearest testing center, which in most cases will be the testing center at Appalachian in the JET building.


The openings for these computer-based tests will be visible on the ETS website. Be sure to take note of the password and login information, and once you get your scores online, print a copy for your records.