Current Students


First Year ACE Scholars (entry year 2021-22)

Katie Adams, English Secondary Education
Kevin Adkins, Health & Physical Education 
Gavin Ashbaugh, Music Education; Instrumental 
Jordan Barlow, English Secondary Education
Journey Barnes, Elementary Education
Carson Blalock, History; Social Studies Education
Brook Boyd, Elementary Education
Elizabeth Calloway, Elementary Education
Elias Catlin, Music Education; Instrumental 
Bailee Collins, History Social Studies Education
Cassidy Cosgrove, Career & Techncial Education; Family & Consumer Sciences 
Maddie Coulter, Elementary Education
Abby Dent, Art Education 
Jonathan Dunphey, Elementary Education
Aimee Eno, Elementary Education
Karson Fazenbaker, History; Social Studies Education
Kennedy Fletcher, English Secondary Education
Katelyn Fullbright, Elementary Education
Gia Gerald, English Secondary Education
Alexandra Greene, Mathematics Secondary Education
Emily Hurd, Elementary Education
Morgan Jones, Art Education 
Hanna Lampe, Elementary Education
Connor Lane, Mathematics Secondary Education
Taylor Larson, English Secondary Education
Alex Lopez, Art Education 
LeLa McCurry, English Secondary Education
Katherine McDonald, Art Education 
Thomas McNeil, Music Education; Choral 
Matisse Notte, Theatre Education
Sophia Ordonez, Elementary Education
Courtney Quinton, Special Education; General Curriculum 
Michael Rapp, History; Social Studies Education
Matthew Rhodes, Elementary Education
Hadley Seifert, Special Education General Curriculum 
Morgan Smith, Elementary Education
Ella Sparks, Elementary Education
Davis Stafford, Mathematics Secondary Education
William Stephenson, English Secondary Education
Julie Stubbs, Spanish Education 
Diana Vences Morales, Elementary Education
Hailey Webb, English Secondary Education
Emma Weeber, Special Education; General Curriculum
Sophie Wells, English Secondary Education
Savannah Wilson, Special Education; Adapted Curriculum
Hanah Wooten, Music Education; Choral 
Kenzie Wyman, English Secondary Education

Second Year ACE Scholars 

Cheyenne Banister, Middle Grades Education; Mathematics and Science
Kayla Bare, Elementary Education
Mitchell Berzack, Elementary Education
Lillie Brock, Elementary Education
Harmony Brown, Elementary Education
Adam Caliri, Middle Grades Education; Social Studies and Language Arts
Bailey Davis, Elementary Education
Isabella Dobbs, Art Education 
Leo Fowell, Elementary Education
Madison Goodwin, English Secondary Education
Aidan Hefner, History; Social Studies Education
Jordan Henes, History; Social Studies Education, Global Studies
Hannah Grace Jacob, Special Education; General Curriculum 
Nadine Jallal, English; Secondary Education
Seth Kegley, English; Secondary Education
Alonha Ketchum, English; Secondary Education
Audrey Lomax, Music Education; Instrumental Music 
Sydney Lowder, Elementary Education
Jason Macias, Mathematics Secondary Education
Francisco Martinez, Middle Grades Education; Mathematics and Social Studies
Bryson May, History; Social Studies Education
Megan McCraw, History; Social Studies Education
Bianca Patterson, Elementary Education
Katie Pittman, Elementary Education
Rebecca Pollard, Elementary Education
Maddie Puckett, Birth-Kindergarten Education
Matthew Reep, Special Education; General Curriculum 
Athena Ross, Elementary Education
Renee Sharpe, Elementary Education
Laura Tellez-Elias, Elementary Education
Dori Turner, Middle Grades Education; Mathematics and Social Studies
Malcolm Vaughn, Music Education; Choral 
Jennifer Vera Osornio, Elementary Education
Alec Via, Mathematics Secondary Education
Tatum Ward, Elementary Education
Brady Warlow, Theatre Education
Makenah Wilson, Elementary Education

Third Year ACE Scholars 

Brett Baker, Health & Physical Education
Alexis Barber, Art Education
Edgar Blanco. History; Social Studies Education
Berenice Blanco-Rodriguez, Elementary Education
Rae Bradley, Elementary Education
Lindsay Cowley, Birth-Kindergarten Education
Britta Crist, Middle Grades Education; Language Arts and Social Studies
Taylor Ann Doss, Elementary Education

Lian Ebanks, Elementary Education
Jenny Eure, Elementary Education
Joanne Ferhadi, Elementary Education

Abbi Freeman, English Secondary Education
Michael Gautier, English Secondary Education
Gabbi Goelz, Mathematics Secondary Education
Emma Kate Greene, Elementary Education
Emily Gulden, Elementary Education
Kalina Hanowski, Birth-Kindergarten Education
Katie Hayes, English Secondary Education
Reagan Houchard, Elementary Education
Kylie Howell, Special Education; Adapted Curriculum
Maddie Huffman, Middle Grades Education; Mathematics and Language Arts
Anna Jessup, Elementary Education
Isabel Kaczmarek, Theatre Education
Gracie Key, Middle Grades Education; Language Arts and Social Studies
Alexis Lail, English Secondary Education
Maria Limon-Jimenez, Middle Grades Education; Mathematics and Social Studies
Karly McChesney, English

Sydney McKeaver, Elementary Education

Bethany Memola, English Secondary Education
Tymber Morrison, Elementary Education
Candace Myers, English Secondary Education
Brenda Najera-Angel, Health & Physical Education
Meredith Newsome, Mathematics Secondary Education
Travis Pressley, Theatre Education

Tyler Potts, Career & Technical Education
Alexandra Ramirez-Tinoco, Special Education
Olivia Shepherd, Elementary Education
Dawson Shropshire, Chemistry Seconday Education
Katie Sumrell, Elementary Education
Gigi Upchurch, Elementary Education
Dylan Ward, History; Social Studies Education

Drew Westmoreland, History; Social Studies Education 

Izabela Willis, History; Social Studies Education

Courtney Wolfe, Elementary Education
Emma Wright, Elementary Education
Irena Wyatt, Mathematics Secondary Education
Holly Zimmerman, Middle Grades Education; Science and Social Studies

Fourth Year ACE Scholars

Morgan Anderson, Elementary Education
Ryan Carter, Mathematics Secondary Education
Katie Clifford, Elementary Education
Ashley Connor, Elementary Education
Clare Daggs, Elementary Education

Katherine Dean, History; Social Studies Education
Kate Duran-Rivera, Middle Grades Education; Mathematics and Social Studies
Rachel Estes, Special Education, Adapted Curriculum
Emma Everson, Special Education, Adapted Curriculum
Jasmine Garcia, Spanish Education 
Maggie Beth Heavner, Special Education; Adapted Curriculum
Nicole Hernandez, History; Social Studies Education
Erin Holtzapple ,Elementary Education
Liz Jenkins, Birth-Kindergarten Education
Michael Joseph, Sociology / Special Education
Karlee Lambert, Elementary Education
Kira Laws, Mathematics Secondary Education
Max Libera, History; Social Studies Education
Thomas McNeil, History; Social Studies Education
Mitchell Michaels, History; Social Studies Education
Hudson Miller, Elementary Education
Alex Olinger, Elementary Education
Lauren Rowe, English Secondary Education
Carrie Semke, Elementary Education
Kailey Seward, Mathematics Secondary Education
Sarah Turner, Theatre Education
Simeon Wallace, Music Education; Choral
Kathryn Watson, Mathematics Secondary Education