Professional Development

The RCOE Professional Development Passport Program

RCOE Professional Development

Professional Development Passports are now available in the James Center for Student Success and Advising - RCOE Room 105!

What are the Benefits of Engaging in Professional Development?

  • Improve the quality of your classroom environment and increase student engagement and learning.
  • Increase teacher engagement which leads to higher levels of instruction.
  • Benefits the school community with teachers who are life-long learners.
  • Provides a cost effective way for teacher training and skill development.
  • Tailor Professional Development activities to your needs and schedule.

The James Center for Student Success and Advising supports professional development programming for students to earn PD credit while earning their teacher education degree. All teacher education students will earn a minimum of twenty (20) professional development events by the time they reach the end of their student teaching.

You can access a number of FREE Professional Development Resources on the Student Advising Resources webpage!

Professional Development opportunities can be found in the Reich College of Education Engage group. Log-in to Engage and register as a Member of the Reich College of Education group and you will gain access to the numerous resources and opportunities available to you for your professional development activities.

Questions about Professional Development?


How does professional development relate to the NC Professional Teaching Standards?

Learn more about how professional development supports the NC Professional Teaching Standards.

How does professional development relate to teacher licensure in North Carolina?

Learn more about the NC Department of Public Instruction professional development requirements.

3-2-1 Exit Ticket Reflection

  • Three (3) New Ideas/Concepts/Practices I learned at the PD Event
  • Two (2) New Ideas/Concepts/Practices I'd like to know more about
  • One (1) New Idea/Concept/Practice I will implement in my teaching practice that's related to my PD Goals

Learn how to complete a 3-2-1 Exit Ticket Reflection

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Questions about PD?