Professional Development

The RCOE Professional Development Passport Program

Did you know? In order to keep teacher licensure in North Carolina, you are required to attend professional development.

The James Center for Student Success and Advising supports professional development programming for students to earn PD credit while earning their teacher education degree. The Professional Development Passport Program is a new program that will help you align your professional development activities to the North Carolina Teacher Education Standards! Students in the 2019-2020 Academic Year and who attend a First Steps to Teaching Meeting will receive a Professional Development Passport. 

All teacher education students will earn a minimum of twenty (20) professional development activities by the time they reach the end of their student teaching. In most cases, you will earn more! You may choose professional development activities from a number of opportunities you will find in Appsync, other activities across the campus, teacher education meetings you might attend, and other off-campus opportunities such as professional conferences. The selection of your professional development is up to you! You just need to make sure your choices increase your knowledge of the competencies identified in the NC Teacher Education Standards. 

Professional Development opportunities can be found in the Reich College of Education Appsync group. To get access to all the opportunities available on the site, you must log-in to Appsync and request to become a member. A newsletter listing in-person and virtual professional development opportunities is emailed to all members weekly. Approved passport professional development activities are listed under the Reich College of Education's events. You must complete a professional development reflection using the 3-2-1 Exit Ticket below.

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Student Teaching Application Information

The Student Teaching Application dates for all student teachers scheduled for Spring 2021:

  • April 1, 2020 - Application Opens
  • April 30, 3030 - Application Closes

Visit the Student Teaching Website for more information.

3-2-1 Professional Development Exit Ticket

  • Three (3) New Ideas/Concepts/Practices I learned at the PD Event
  • Two (2) New Ideas/Concepts/Practices I'd like to know more about
  • One (1) New Idea/Concept/Practice I will implement in my teaching practice that's related to my PD Goals

Read more to learn how to submit a reflection!