Professional Development

The New RCOE Professional Development Program

The James Center for Student Success and Advising introduces new programming for students to earn professional development credit! PD activities are now offered across campus, in the college and in the community. Students will now identify specific professional development that meets their specific teaching goals! Via Appsync, students can choose from a variety of opportunities across disciplines. You must be enrolled in the Reich College of Education group on Appsync to find development opportunities of interest. More to come!

Did you know? In order to keep teacher licensure in North Carolina, you are required to attend professional development. So attending seminars while at Appalachain is great practice!

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Professional Development Passport

More coming soon...

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3-2-1 Professional Development Exit Ticket

  • Three (3) New Ideas/Concepts/Practices I learned at the PD Event
  • Two (2) New Ideas/Concepts/Practices I'd like to know more about
  • One (1) New Idea/Concept/Practice I will implement in my teaching practice that's related to my PD Goals

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