3-2-1 Professional Development Exit Ticket

3-2-1 Professional Development Exit Ticket

You will complete a 3-2-1 Professional Development Exit Ticket Reflection for every event you attend. You are responsible for documenting your reflections by creating your own record of your completed professional development reflections. 

Using Engage 

Events that you RSVP to in Engage (formerly Appsync) will be documented in your events history.

To access your "events history" Log-in to Engage and follow these directions.

  1. Log-in to Engage and click on Reich College of Education

  2. Click on your Account Icon at the top right hand corner of the page.

  3. Click the "Event History" link from the dropdown menu.

You will be taken to a list of all the events you have attended.

My Event History

The professional development reflection is comprised of these three prompts:

  • Three (3) New Ideas/Concepts/Practices I learned at the PD Event

  • Two (2) New Ideas/Concepts/Practices I'd like to know more about

  • One (1) New Idea/Concept/Practice I will implement in my teaching practice that's related to my PD Goals

Creating Your Own Document

You will be responsible for documenting all of your professional development reflections. 

To create your own document for managing your reflections you can choose a number of options. We recommend that you complete a word document or spreadsheet that you can answer the three reflection questions.

Here is a sample spreadsheet / table: 


You will submit at theyour reflections at end of your student teaching experience. Use the link below to download a copy of the 3-2-1 Professional Development Reflection guide. 

Click here to access the 3-2-1 Reflection Prompt [PDF]