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This is the site for teacher education students to get on-demand assistance with their academic success needs.


Praxis Core Preparation Workshops - Information Sessions and Content Workshop Dates

February 2022 all meetings begin at 5:30

  • Informational Praxis Core Testing Meeting - February 3 - 45 minutes
  • Content Workshops: Reading, Writing, Math, Study Skills - February 10 - 180 minutes
  • Informational Praxis Core Testing Meeting - February 17 - 45 minutes
  • NOTE MARCH MEETING DATE: Content Workshops: Reading, Writing, Math, Study Skills - March 3 - 180 minutes

Official ETS Praxis Core Preparation Materials

Khan Academy® Official Praxis® Core Prep for Teacher Education Students

This free online test prep resource will help you build the reading, writing and mathematics skills needed to succeed on the Praxis® Core test. Once you create your free account, you can:

  • Complete diagnostic tests to better understand your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Create a personalized study plan with recommendations from Khan Academy.
  • View instructional videos to refresh your understanding of concepts that are covered on the Praxis Core tests.
  • Practice with interactive sample questions and receive immediate feedback.
  • Take full-length practice tests and get an authentic score on a scale of 100–200.
  • Track your progress to achieve your score goals and celebrate progress along the way!

TO GET STARTED: Watch this quick video to see how this resource can help you prepare for the Praxis Core tests.
Once you have viewed the video, you are now ready to set up your Praxis Core Test Prep Account and begin the Diagnostic Tests! 

Click Here to create your Khan Academy Praxis Core Test Preparation Account and start the diagnostic tests.

Online Professional Development Resources

There are a number of online and free resources that you can use to complete your Professional Development Event Requirements. All teacher education students will earn a minimum of twenty (20) professional development events by the time they reach the end of their student teaching. Click the links below to check out opportunities that you can use to complete your PD Requirements. For more information about completing and documenting your professional development, click on the 3-2-1 Professional Development Exit Ticket Reflection information webpage.

Click on the links below to find professional development opportunities:

The Student Learning Center Resources are Important for Your Success

The Disco Student Learning Center offers academic resources that will complement and enhance classroom experiences by helping students become acquainted with their studies and learn how to learn effectively. “D.D.,” or Dauphin Disco, was one of the three people who, in 1899, founded Watauga Academy – known as App State today. The word disco is Latin for learn, so whether you are struggling with a class or just need a little extra help to keep that A, check out the Disco.

Our Mission
The Disco Student Learning Center serves students in gaining a deeper awareness of what helps them learn and succeed through tutoring, academic strategy instruction, and executive skill development. We provide holistic support for all students at Appalachian State University, empowering them to become active participants in a transformative education to meet their academic goals and achieve their academic potential.

Our Vision
The Disco Student Learning Center seeks to adapt strategies and methods to meet the ever-changing demands of students in higher education settings by using current data and research to build intentionally inclusive models of academic support.

What We Do
Provide holistic mentoring, coaching, tutoring, and teaching that fosters self-advocacy, develops academic independence, and facilitates student connections to resources on and off-campus, all of which are designed to enrich their academic, personal, and professional lives.
Form relationships based on trust and genuine regard for our students as individuals. Treat every student with respect and dignity, and celebrate the individual diversity each student at Appalachian contributes to campus and our community.

Success in Your Online Classes!

Welcome to Online Learning 101 Webinar

This is an introduction to learning online! Whether you’re taking a single class or a whole online program, you can expect a challenging and rewarding academic experience. To help you on your way to success, we’ve developed a series of modules that will help you understand what it means to be an online student. Online Learning 101 is divided into two sections: Prospective Students and Enrolled Students. The Prospective Students modules are geared towards students who are exploring online courses, but are not currently enrolled at one of the UNC System’s 17 campuses.

The Enrolled Students section is designed for anyone enrolled at one of the UNC System’s 17 campuses.

If you are interested in taking an online course, but are not currently enrolled at a UNC institution, click the “Prospective Students” button below to complete a pre-assessment and find out more about online learning. If you are currently enrolled at one of the UNC System’s 17 campuses (opens in new window) click this link Online 101 and then the "Enrolled Students" graphic to begin your orientation to learning online.

Take Advantage of Career Development from your Career Coach

Career Development is ready to assist you with practically any career development interests you can imagine. Whether you are looking for a sample resume to get started on your materilas to apply for a schlarshi, or need information on interviewing and job seeking, the resources located on the Career Coaching webpage are an excellent place to start.

Hispanic Heritage Month Resources

September 15 - October 15, 2021

The Smithsonian Latino Center observes Hispanic Heritage Month between September 15 and October 15 each year to celebrate the Latino community.

Learn more about Hispanic Heritage Month traditions by reading our listicle Top Eight Reasons Why and How We Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

Online Exhibitions and Videos

Check out the Smithsonian Museum Latino Center Homepage for more instructional resources!

International Transgender Day of Visibility Teaching Resources

Trans Day of Visibility is an annual awareness day celebrated around the world. The day is dedicated to celebrating the accomplishments of transgender and gender nonconforming people while raising awareness of the work that still needs to be done to achieve trans justice.

Right now, members of school communities can take these actions to help create trans-inclusive school environments, using these resources available for download:

Additional Resources

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For students

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