Appalachian Educators Club

About the Appalachian Educators Club

We are a club that is open to ALL education majors and anyone who is interested in supporting education! We hope you join us!

Log into with your Appstate login and request to join the Appalachian Educators page to learn more and stay up to date on club meetings and service opportunities!

Appalachian Educators Club meets every other Wednesday evening at 5:30 pm. 

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  • Diverse Abilities

  • Fundraising

  • Homecoming

  • Legislative

  • Outreach

  • Philanthropy/Service

  • Recruitment

  • Shining Light

  • Social Justice

  • Social/Public Relations

  • Sustainability

Diverse Abilities Committee

The purpose of the Diverse Abilities is to promote awareness and increase knowledge of inclusive practice related to varying diverse abilities. This includes promoting Coffee Talks with Scholars with Diverse Abilities Program, hosting the Valentine’s Day Dance, assisting with the Spooky Duke  5K that benefits Parent 2 Parent, and sponsoring a Spread the Word to End the Word Campaign.

Fundraising Committee

This committee plans fundraisers, designs and sells t-shirts. Funds go a long way and the fundraising activities they do would not be such a success without YOU! Be sure to let the committee know if you would like to buy or sell anything.

Homecoming Committee

This committee organizes involvement with Homecoming festivities and competitions,  & Club Fest in the Spring. Homecoming is a very big deal because it shows the campus community that AppEd cares! The club can also earn money to put towards charitable programs like Shining Light; a holiday charity event that the club sponsors.

Legislative Committee

This committee is responsible for providing the club with updated news from our world (relating to education)! This news needs to be bi-partisan and include more than just the front page events. A priority should be placed on state-wide news regarding education and how it affects educators all over North Carolina.

Outreach Committee

This committee works closely with the James Center to plan outreach events with schools that come to visit. They recruit volunteers and plan activities for each visit. This committee is a great opportunity for volunteers to spend time with students of a variety of ages. Schools bring students to our campus to expose them to the idea of college and how college life works. Volunteers get to tour campus with students, take part in question and answer panels, and really connect with students. One of the most popular parts of tours are the Science Presentations of Jeff Goodman, a faculty member of the ASU College of Education. Check out this video of Jeff Goodman to see some great parts of his presentation.

Philanthropy/Service Committee

The ideas are endless with this committee! They will handle all service events given to App Ed (fall festivals, App Builds a Home, etc.) and campus wide events such as the Dance Marathon.  They help engage Appalachian Educators in the larger AppState and Boone community through fundraisers and service projects. 

Recruitment Committee

This committee is responsible for helping with recruitment events in the Reich College of Education and also recruiting new Appalachian Educators members. Any new ideas are welcomed as well! The recruitment committee supports recruitment efforts of the Reich College of Education and Appalachian Educators. They plan different events for possible future students to think about having a career as a teacher!

Shining Light Committee

This committee organizes, plans, and executes the Shining Light project at the end of the Fall semester. They work with local schools to sponosr families who need a little extra help around the holidays. They also host a party for the families. In the Spring, this commitee plans a philanthropic event or fundraiser. 

Social Justice Committee

The purpose of the Social Justice Committee is to provide Appalachian Educators with knowledge about the diversity that they will encounter in their classrooms and inclusive practice. This committee organizes, plans, and executes the Social Justice Summit in the Spring  semester and host high schoolers on campus. They also keep members up to date with all social justice events happening across campus and in the Boone area. 

Social/Public Relations Committee

This committee runs the Appalachian Educators Instagram and Facebook pages, uploads pictures to the Google Drive, and helps plan and promote App Ed events. This committee is in charge of getting everyone together to make new and exciting memories.  


This committee can plan so many things! They are responsible for planning events about sustainability and providing professional development opportunities to educate others about sustainability topics.


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