Professional Education Core

RCOE Professional Education Core

The Professional Education Core Sequence are the series of courses required of all students seeking a degree in education at Appalachian State University. If your major is housed in the Reich College of Education or another college at Appalachian State, you must take the following courses.  These courses represent the curricular tie that binds all education majors at Appalachian State.  Please consult your Program of Study and discuss your degree plan with your academic advisor about when to take these courses.

The Professional Education Requirements are a total of twenty-four (24) credit hours with accompanying Clinical/Field Experience requirements.

Professional Education Requirements (24 Hours)

A minimum grade of “C” (2.0) must be earned in all Professional Education Courses by Teacher Education majors.

  • Must be taken prior to Admission to Teacher Education:
    • EDU 2000 - Introduction to Learners, Teachers, and Schools (3)
      • Ten (10) hours of field experience
    • EDU 2100 - Foundations of Educational Equity (3)
  • Must be admitted to the Teacher Education Program:
    • EDU 3000 - Diverse Learners: Teaching and Learning (3)
      • Forty (40) hours of field experience
    • EDU 3100 - Assessment for Learning (3)
      • Twenty (20) hours of field experience
    • EDU 4900 - Student Teaching (12) [CAP]

 Professional Development Requirements

As part of the Teacher Education program all education majors must participate in the Professional Development Program during their time at Appalachian State.

The James Center for Student Success and Advising provides and supports professional development programming for all students.  Teacher education students will earn a minimum of twenty (20) professional development experiences by the time they reach the end of their student teaching experience.

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